Wall Street Prep – Oil & Gas Modeling Course

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About Course:

What You Will Learn

  • Industry Accounting & Financial Statement Analysi
  • Financial Statement Modeling
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) and DCF modeling
  • Accretion/dilution (M&A) modeling
  • Leveraged buyout (LBO) modeling
  • Excel mechanics and functionality for the O&G industry
  • Comparable company analysis
  • Comparable transaction analysis
  • Financial & valuation modeling best practices

Introduction to O&G accounting & financial statement analysis

  • Participants will understand dynamics of the O&G industry and the factors determining crude oil and natural gas prices
  • Learn the different business segments – upstream, midstream, and downstream – that make up the O&G industry
  • Learn O&G terminology, units, and key terms
  • Distinguish between full-cost and successful efforts accounting methods and their impact on financial statements and on financial statement analysis
  • Learn the structure and layout of the O&G financial reports and filings (i.e., 10-K, 10-Q, annual report)
  • Learn how to analyse and interpret O&G financial statements, footnotes, and disclosures
  • Understand how to perform O&G reserves and production ratio analysis

Introduction to O&G financial modelling

  • Building comprehensive O&G financial models from scratch the way it is done at major financial institutions.
  • Forecasting crude oil and natural gas prices
  • Understanding the role of price and volume hedges
  • Standard formatting best practices.
  • Excel best practices, efficient formula construction, and appropriate driver selections
  • Learning to use data tables to present various sensitivities to projected financial metrics
  • Balancing the balance sheet accounts, including excess cash and revolver
  • Fixing circularity problems, iteration, and other common modelling troubleshooting
  • Balancing sheet / cash flow statement crosschecks

Overview of O&G valuation modelling

  • Relative vs. Intrinsic value
  • Modelling techniques
  • Calculating and interpreting multiples
  • Useful Excel shortcuts and functions
  • The “football field”

Building an O&G Net Asset Valuation (NAV) model

  • Project cash flows for each major project and field to derive the value of E&P segment
  • Learn how to value in-ground versus producing reserves
  • Understanding proper valuation methodology and drivers for each major O&G business segment
  • Estimating the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and common pitfalls to avoid
  • Using data tables to analyse a broad range of scenarios given different assumptions

Building an O&G trading comps model

  • Set O&G evaluation benchmarks & select comparable companies
  • Gather appropriate financial history and projections
  • Normalizing operating results and calculating LTM operating results
  • Exclude nonrecurring charges, normalize for stock option expense
  • Calculate shares outstanding using the treasury stock method
  • Input financial data & calculate and interpret financial and market ratios
  • Presenting trading comps by structuring output schedule
  • Selecting key valuation multiples using the VLOOKUP function and generating multiple tables

Building an O&G transaction comps model

  • Similarly, to trading comps, trainees set O&G evaluation benchmarks, select precedent O&G transactions, gather appropriate financial details, input financial data, and calculate and interpret financial and market ratios
  • Calculating purchase premiums
  • Understanding pricing structures (fixed vs. floating, collars, and walk-away rights)
  • Best practices for incorporating synergy assumptions and appropriately calculating unaffected pre-deal share prices

Building an O&G M&A modelling

  • Participants will build an O&G merger model in Excel to reflect the pro forma impact of various acquisition scenarios.
  • Topics covered include a quick test of accretion-dilution in all-stock deals, pricing structures (exchange ratios/collars/” walk-away” rights), purchase accounting, the step-by-step allocation of purchase price, and the derivation of important O&G metrics and ratios.


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