Trading Tuitions – Build a Professional Trading System using Amibroker

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Trading Tuitions – Build a Professional Trading System using Amibroker


Trading Tuitions - Build a Professional Trading System using Amibroker


Course Introduction

How many traders have you seen who make consistent income from stock markets every month? Well, most of you wouldn’t have seen any. But still, trading in financial markets is one of the most lucrative business over the years. The reason is simple, once you learn how to do it no one can stop you from becoming the next stock market millionaire. But unfortunately, people spend hell lot of time and money and reach nowhere. And finally, they QUIT!

Let’s accept the fact that in order to get an edge in this extremely competitive environment, you need to do something different. Having a firm grasp of technical analysis or chart reading is not enough, this age of super computers has introduced algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence in the financial markets. With the help of technology, even amateurs can make an absolute killing on the stock market.

In this course, you will learn how to build a professional algorithmic trading system using Amibroker. The course is designed in a Do it Yourself (DIY) fashion where you can follow the step by step instructions and create your own profitable system.

For those who don’t know about algorithmic trading, the idea behind it is quite simple. An advanced computer program (known as algorithm) monitors stock prices and signals trading opportunities based on the rules defined. Previously, buying and selling stocks required you to either constantly monitor stock prices and keep an eye out for new stocks, or hire someone to do it for you. Algorithmic trading allows you to take all the hassle out of buying and selling stocks, you can just sit back and let the computer program do 90% of the work for you. It’s that simple.

Amibroker software is a market leader when it comes to designing and creating trading systems. Its robust set of features and extremely powerful backtesting engine can help you do wonders. Although this course is designed specifically for Amibroker users, yet you can apply the same concepts in any other software too.

What are you going to learn from this course?

  • Fundamentals of algorithmic trading system
  • Methodology of trading system design
  • Installing and importing data into Amibroker
  • Steps to create a trading system in Amibroker
  • Backtesting your trading system in Amibroker and analyze backtest results
  • Optimizing trading system
  • Risk management and position sizing
  • Monte Carlo simulation and Walk forward optimization
  • Creating Explorations in Amibroker
  • Automating the entire stuff
  • Readymade trading system AFL codes with a video walkthrough

And many more interesting things. Check out the course curriculum for details.

Intended Audience


This course is suitable for (but not limited to) to people belonging to one of the following group:

  • Stock market Traders
  • Stock market Learners
  • Finance Students
  • Technical Analysts
  • Algorithmic/Quant Traders
  • High-frequency traders
  • Forex traders
  • Commodity traders
  • Trading system programmers

Course Structure

This course is designed by a panel of experts who carry decades of experience in programming as well as financial markets. Don’t worry even if you are an absolute beginner, you would understand every bit of it. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to create your own profitable trading system and take it live.

The course is a mix of video as well as text lessons. All the concepts are explained with screenshots which makes it easy to follow. There is a quiz at the end of each section to evaluate your learnings.

AFL codes are available for download wherever needed. You will receive a certificate of completion once you finish this course.

Course Bonuses

As a subscriber to this course, you are entitled to some amazing bonuses. These would complement the course material and empower you in your trading journey.

Bonus 1: 700+ tested AFL codes from our experts. You will find readymade codes for your systems and need not to re-work from scratch.

Bonus 2: 10 E-Books related to technical analysis and options trading. These are some of the bestselling E-Books highly recommended for reading.

Bonus 3: 7 Excel sheets for trading systems, risk management, and technical indicators.

Bonus 4: An ultimate audio course for mastering Options trading.

The combined value of these bonuses is 275$, but we offer it for free with this course.



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Trading Tuitions

Trading Tuitions

Trading Tuitions is an initiative to educate people on profitable trading concepts, and help them achieve their financial goals. We specialize in algorithmic trading, trading system design and quantitative analysis. In the last decade, Trading Tuitions has mentored thousands of traders across the globe.