Timon Weller – The Zone Trader Training Series

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Timon Weller – The Zone Trader Training Series

Course Overview

The Zone Trader Training Series by Timon Weller is designed for traders at all levels who are tired of losing money in the stock market and want to learn how to identify successful trading zones and make wise trading decisions. This multi-part video series offers step-by-step instructions on spotting significant daily zones on the daily chart and effectively trading these regions on the one-hour chart.

Timon Weller – The Zone Trader Training Series

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Training Modules
    • Identifying Significant Daily Zones: Learn how to filter and find key trading zones on the daily chart.
    • Analyzing Price Action Candlesticks: Techniques for analyzing price action candlesticks within identified zones.
    • Risk to Reward Analysis: Understanding and calculating risk to reward ratios before making trades.
    • Trade Management: Strategies for managing trades, including stop loss placement and target setting.

Detailed Breakdown

Identifying Significant Daily Zones

  • Filtering and Finding Key Zones: Step-by-step instructions on how to filter and identify significant trading zones on the daily chart.
  • Establishing a Foundation: Understanding the importance of these zones as the basis for successful trading.

Analyzing Price Action Candlesticks

  • Price Action Patterns: Learning to spot specific price action retest patterns within the identified zones.
  • Candlestick Analysis: Techniques for analyzing candlestick patterns to determine potential trade opportunities.

Risk to Reward Analysis

  • Calculating Risk to Reward Ratios: Methods for analyzing the potential return relative to the risk before entering a trade.
  • Importance of Risk Management: Understanding why this step is crucial for consistent trading success.

Trade Management

  • Entering and Managing Trades: Strategies for effectively managing trades once entered.
  • Stop Loss and Target Setting: How to place stop losses, lock in profits, and set targets to maximize returns.
  • Handling Setbacks: Techniques for managing potential setbacks and staying on track with your trading plan.

Benefits of the Course

  • Enhanced Trading Confidence: Gain confidence in identifying key trading areas and making informed decisions.
  • Improved Trade Management: Learn effective trade management strategies to handle potential setbacks and lock in profits.
  • Comprehensive Training: Step-by-step instructions make the course accessible and easy to follow for traders of all levels.
  • Actionable Insights: Practical tips and techniques that can be immediately applied to improve trading results.

Target Audience

  • Beginner Traders: Looking to learn the basics of identifying trading zones and making informed trading decisions.
  • Intermediate Traders: Seeking to refine their trading strategies and improve risk management skills.
  • Advanced Traders: Wanting to enhance their trade management techniques and achieve more consistent results.


The Zone Trader Training Series by Timon Weller is an invaluable resource for traders looking to improve their ability to identify key trading zones, analyze price action, and manage trades effectively. With its step-by-step approach and easy-to-follow instructions, this course offers practical insights and strategies that can lead to more profitable trading. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trader, the Zone Trader Training Series provides the tools and knowledge needed to advance your trading skills and achieve noticeable results.

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