Steve Nison – The Active Investor Blueprint

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Steve Nison – The Active Investor Blueprint

The Active Investor Blueprint, developed by Steve Nison, offers simple and effective strategies to boost your investing confidence. With a focus on using trendlines, candlesticks, and other proven techniques, this course is designed to help both novice and seasoned investors enhance their investment decisions and improve their financial outcomes.

Steve Nison – The Active Investor Blueprint

Course Highlights

Simple Strategies for Using Trendlines

  • Boost Investing Confidence: Learn how to effectively use trendlines to identify market trends and make informed investment decisions.
  • Change of Polarity: A powerful tool to determine the optimal entry points on market corrections.
  • Snap and Crack: One of Steve’s favorite buying strategies, which helps identify strong buying opportunities.
  • Falling off the Roof: A straightforward strategy to exit investments before they collapse, protecting your portfolio from significant losses.

Mastering Breakouts

  • Investing with Breakouts: Understand how to identify and invest in breakouts to enjoy a higher percentage of successful investments.
  • Sifting Through Buy Lists: Quickly assess the “buy” lists from personal finance magazines and popular TV shows like Jim Cramer’s or CNBC to determine which picks are worth following or avoiding.

Advanced Charting Techniques

  • Three Line Break Chart: Learn how to use this charting method to identify long-term investment opportunities in mutual funds and other investment vehicles. This is the first time this method will be taught for mutual funds!
  • Candlestick Framework: Gain all the essential knowledge about candlesticks to understand Steve’s investment strategies.
  • Options and Candlesticks: Discover how to use candlesticks for timing covered calls and short puts. Even if you’re new to these option strategies, Steve will ensure you can fully benefit from them.

Diversified Investment Strategies

  • Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Bonds, Futures, and Options: Receive strategies tailored to various investment types, including key future markets such as gold and crude oil.
  • Combining Charts: Learn how to intelligently combine daily, weekly, and monthly charts to identify long-term trends and pinpoint the right times to invest.

Detailed Course Content

Candlestick Framework

  • Essentials of Candlesticks: Understand the basics of candlesticks to follow along with the investment strategies.
  • Longer-Term Charting: Discover how to use candles for longer-term charting to identify sustainable trends.

Identifying Trends

  • Finding Longer-Term Trends: Learn the importance of identifying longer-term trends for successful investing.
  • Combining Charts: Discover how to use daily, weekly, and monthly charts to see the broader market picture and make precise investment decisions.

Critical Investment Questions

  • Support and Resistance: Learn the two simple questions you must ask to determine how solid support or resistance levels are and predict market movements.

Investment Checklist

  • 6-Point Investing Checklist: Walk away with a valuable 6-point investing checklist, providing a systematic approach to evaluating investment opportunities. This checklist alone is worth the cost of the training.

Practical Advice and Warnings

  • Investing on the News: Understand why investing based on news can be financially disastrous and learn how to make decisions based on sound analysis instead.


Steve Nison’s The Active Investor Blueprint equips you with simple yet powerful investing strategies that anyone can use. From understanding trendlines and candlesticks to mastering breakout strategies and assessing buy lists, this course covers all essential aspects of smart investing. Whether you’re looking to enhance your portfolio with stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, futures, or options, The Active Investor Blueprint offers the guidance and tools you need to succeed.

Enroll in The Active Investor Blueprint today and take the first step towards becoming a more confident and successful investor!

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