Noremac Newell Trading – Stock Trading Video Series

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Noremac Newell Trading – Stock Trading Video Series


Noremac Newell Trading - Stock Trading Video Series



I’m about halfway through the video series and have enjoyed the content so far. My favorite section has been the swing trading strategies because I’m looking to really take those to the next level. The momentum section was great information too with strategies for hot markets. Some of the content is a recap but I enjoy the take on it all and have found plenty of useful material to adapt into my own trading. The main thing I have taken from the course is a more in-depth view on the way Cam thinks about trading. I look forward to watching the rest of the videos and the live trading sessions. If you’re looking for a more in-depth view into the strategies and thought processes that Cam uses to trade, then you will like these videos. They’re a lot more interpersonal than his daily recaps on YouTube, which are also insightful, and I recommend watching, but the video series goes much deeper about the strategies and thought processes he uses to trade. I think the videos are a valuable asset to my study and I recommend them to anyone that wants an inside view on Cam’s systems.

-Ross Duris

I bought the video series guide and watched all the videos in about 3 days. I just want to say they have so much information and tips that can help you grow your account fast. I still watch and study the video after the market closes or on slow days.  After watching the videos I made back what I paid for them using the patterns  he shows. I honestly recommend the video series to everyone.

-Pablo Zamarripa

Hello everybody. My name is Daniel. I wanted to share my experience with you. 5 days ago, I contacted Cameron for help. I was really struggling with lack of knowledge, and confidence. Cameron suggested the video series for me to learn how to be consistent and make my own rules and trade carefully. Well today thanks to his scanner and a little bit of luck doubled my account. I can’t wait to finish the video series and keep being consistent


I’m only several videos into the video series and I like what I hear so far.  I have traded before and some of the patterns and setups that he explains either reinforce what I already know or shed light to some chart patterns on price action that I’ve seen before but didn’t understand at the time.  So depending on your current knowledge, you might like it or find yourself searching up common terms like gap fill, or wick, or trend line… but this can be easily found out by googling or checking out the rest of the free content in the channel.  Main thing he preaches is strategy and set up in the video series.  I don’t think it’s for the absolute beginner that knows nothing about candlesticks but more for someone that has at least some knowledge of trading.  I will probably do another review after I finish the rest of the series.

-Jason Trinh

I am almost exclusively an options trader. I don’t like trading pennies and I was very hesitant when purchasing the video series. I wasn’t sure it would translate into my preferred trading style. In fact, I had to dig deep to be able to afford the thing and that was a risk considering how much it cost (even at half price). However, I bit the bullet, purchasing over Thanksgiving so I would have the time to see them all before the weekend was over. Since then, I had to take an extended trip and had no opportunity to watch the market during the day. I made a couple of overnights and I lost on them (too far OTM). This week, since my return, has been incredible. I am up 150% of my entire account and have the confidence to see opportunities where before I simply panicked. I am also becoming more self-sufficient, playing tickers no one else seems to mention in the chat rooms. I anticipate looking back on late NOV 2019 as the turning point in trading for me. I can’t speak for your experience as each person matures at their own pace. I can tell you that I have been hemorrhaging accounts for a year and a half now. That’s plenty enough pain to know what works and what doesn’t. The principles in the video series have worked for me.


I’ve been actively trading with real money since September of 2019. I started with Ustocktrade and funded my account with $100 then slowly as I gained confidence from one or two green trades, (thought I knew what I was doing!) I added $300, $100 etc. until I funded my account to $1,500. Throughout my first two months of trading I paid roughly $500 in commissions and lost just over $1,500. Long story short, I watched Cam’s YouTube videos, I watched other traders on YouTube, and tried to implement all of their strategies and turn that into my own success. When I first started, I didn’t know how to read level II, I barely knew how to read a chart pattern let alone understand a candle stick! Like everything in life, the best way to become good or even great at something is to learn from your own experience and if you’re really smart, you’ll learn from the experience of others. Going on my third month I decided to purchase Cam’s videos. Not only have I been able to turn a profit after watching his video series guide, but I’ve gained more confidence when making my trades. His video series guide taught me how to read time and sales, how to read level II, suggested which broker and platform to use, he talks about the psychological aspect of trading, he taught me how to create a watch list, and much more. These videos are specific and direct unlike YouTube. YouTube is a great source to learn from but is heavily diluted when it comes to content. If you try to learn from experience alone, I promise you are going to have a long road ahead of you. If this is something you are committing your life to you would be naive and only misleading yourself if you chose not to invest in your own education.

-Vinny Wilson

I purchased the video series awhile back and have watched the full contents of the course. Prior to the video series, I would (and still do) watch Cam’s YouTube daily recaps. In his recaps, he explains why he entered stocks, what was going on in the market, etc. However, the video series guide takes it to a much deeper level. In the video series guide, he breaks down into detail how to analyze stocks, find the daily gappers, how he uses support and resistance levels, how he finds swing trades and intraday plays, and the importance of sizing in and out of a position. I have a completely better understanding of how it all works and still study every chance that I get. I also recently purchased Cam’s All In One Scanner to use in conjunction with Trade-Ideas. This is a complete game changer. I am watching the same stocks that Cam is watching. I used other setups in the past, but I never really felt like I was getting alerted with the best stocks. His scanner is the real deal. If you are on the fence about purchasing the course and/or the scanner, hop over the fence! A couple of wins and you will recoup any money spent. Remember, education is important and you MUST invest in yourself!

-David Barefield, Jr.