No BS Day Trading Webinar 2013 and Starter Course


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I offer both a U.S. webinar which focuses on the U.S. treasuries and equity indices as well as a Eurex only webinar which focuses on the Bund, Bobl, Eurostoxx and Dax. There is a page for each one under the Webinars tab in the site menu. If you have additional questions, please send me an email.
If you’ve purchased the intermediate course, that purchase is applied to any webinar order. In addition, returning webinar customers always receive a discounted price.
I have developed my courses by using the “teach a man to fish rather than give him a fish” philosophy. There is a lot to study. I realize some people feel as though this much course material may be overwhelming. The trick is to go at your own pace and not feel like you need to rush through it. There is no filler material in the videos. Each video serves a purpose and I put them together in a way which moves from the fundamental core concepts to advanced concepts. The idea is to teach aspiring traders how to get a feel for the big picture and then show them very specific price action movement which triggers the actual entries and exits. A person has to understand the context of each situation and then recognize why certain trades have a higher probability of success.
The webinars are structured to accommodate both new and experienced traders. The starter videos help participants get a grasp on the concepts and ideas prior to seeing the strategies executed in real-time. Each live session includes notes which point out the times of trades and specific price action which I felt was important that day. I also include trade recap videos where I thoroughly dissect each trade and walk you through it from start to finish.
I am a Jigsaw Trading convert and I highly recommend checking out their software. It’s the platform I use during all webinars. I was on TT’s X-trader for years so this is saying something. The Jigsaw platform is just a fantastic teaching and learning tool. I am able to clearly demonstrate how the orders move the market and it’s very easy for attendees to identify high volume and low volume areas. Peter and I are not in business together but we send interested traders to each other’s sites because we both feel the other offers quality products and services. He feels that my style of teaching helps people understand the benefits of his software and I feel like he offers a great platform at a low price which gives traders an extra edge. I also think it helps my customers learn faster.
During the webinars, I try to demonstrate how trading is trading no matter what market you trade. I cover everything from the basics of how I set up my depth of market platform to advanced strategies I use which are based on recognizing how big traders influence the market in certain areas. All trades are explained in great detail and there are a lot of question and answer segments along with some insightful discussions as well as a significant amount of material which is not in the basic course or on this site.
You can download the videos and save them directly to your computer.  Once again, if you would like to order a webinar, please send me an email and I will send you an invoice and the download links. There are no refunds for the webinars


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