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Overview of MIC Jumpstart Accelerator – MyInvestingClub

Course Objective:

  • To transform individuals from having no knowledge of day trading stocks to becoming self-sufficient day traders capable of finding stocks, making plans, and placing trades within 7+ hours of intensive learning.

MyInvestingClub - JumpStart Accelerator

Key Components

1. Comprehensive Introduction to Day Trading

  • Understanding the Basics:
    • Introduction to stock markets and basic trading terminology.
    • Overview of different types of trades and market orders.
  • Market Mechanics:
    • How the stock market operates.
    • Key players in the market and their roles.

2. Proprietary Trading Strategies

  • Bao Nguyen’s Techniques:
    • Detailed explanation of proprietary strategies developed by Bao Nguyen.
    • Case study of Bao’s $1.4M trade on FNMA, breaking down the strategy and execution.
  • Risk Management:
    • Techniques for managing risk and protecting capital.
    • Importance of setting stop-loss and take-profit levels.

3. Live Market Analysis

  • Real-Time Examples:
    • Analysis of live market conditions during the course.
    • Application of trading strategies in real-time scenarios.
  • Interactive Learning:
    • Opportunities for learners to engage and ask questions during live analysis.
    • Understanding market trends and reacting to live price movements.

4. Stock Selection and Planning

  • Finding the Right Stocks:
    • Criteria for selecting stocks to trade.
    • Tools and resources for stock screening and analysis.
  • Trade Planning:
    • Developing a trade plan, including entry and exit strategies.
    • Importance of having a well-defined plan before entering a trade.

5. Executing Trades

  • Placing Orders:
    • Step-by-step guide to placing different types of orders.
    • Understanding order types such as market, limit, stop-loss, and stop-limit.
  • Trade Execution:
    • Best practices for executing trades efficiently.
    • Avoiding common pitfalls and errors during execution.

6. Developing a Trading Mindset

  • Psychology of Trading:
    • Importance of mental discipline and emotional control.
    • Techniques for maintaining a positive and focused mindset.
  • Building Confidence:
    • Gaining confidence through practice and consistent application of strategies.
    • Learning from mistakes and continuously improving.

Course Structure

Module Breakdown:

 Introduction to Day Trading

  • Basics of the stock market and trading terminology.
  • Understanding market mechanics and key players.

Proprietary Trading Strategies

  • In-depth look at Bao Nguyen’s trading techniques.
  • Case study analysis of a successful high-profit trade.

Live Market Analysis

  • Real-time market analysis and application of strategies.
  • Interactive sessions for practical learning.

Stock Selection and Trade Planning

  • Criteria for selecting profitable stocks.
  • Developing comprehensive trade plans.

Executing Trades

  • Detailed guide on placing and managing orders.
  • Best practices for trade execution.

Trading Mindset and Psychology

  • Building a disciplined trading mindset.
  • Techniques for confidence and continuous improvement.

Learning Methods

1. Video Lessons

  • 7+ hours of high-quality video content.
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions.

2. Live Market Analysis

  • Real-time analysis and application of strategies.
  • Interactive learning

Benefits of the Course

1. Rapid Skill Development

  • Intensive learning designed to make you a self-sufficient day trader in just 7+ hours.

2. Proven Strategies

  • Learn proprietary strategies that have been proven to work in real markets.

3. Real-Time Application

  • Gain practical experience through live market analysis.

4. Comprehensive Support

  • Benefit from community support and optional personal coaching.


The MIC Jumpstart Accelerator by MyInvestingClub offers a fast-track route to becoming a proficient day trader. With 7+ hours of in-depth content, proprietary strategies, and real-time market analysis taught by Bao Nguyen, this course aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to trade confidently and effectively in the stock market.

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