Mike Norman – Forex Trading – Course

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Mike Norman – Forex Trading Course

The Mike Norman Forex Trading Course is a comprehensive program designed to teach you a proprietary trading system that combines Market Composition, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), and Mental Game. This system has proven to be highly effective, allowing Mike Norman to trade for two years without a single loss over nearly one thousand trades.

Mike Norman - Forex Trading - Course

Course Highlights

  • Market Composition: Understand the dynamics of the market and the positions of other traders.
  • MMT (Modern Monetary Theory): Learn how to apply MMT principles to enhance your trading strategy.
  • Mental Game: Develop the mental resilience needed to trade confidently and stress-free.

Key Learnings

Market Composition

  • Identify Trader Positions: Learn how to recognize the positions of other traders and capitalize on them.
  • Spot Opportunities Early: Discover how to identify trading opportunities before they become apparent to others.
  • Buy and Sell at Highs and Lows: Master techniques to buy and sell at nearly the exact highs and lows every time.

MMT and Risk Management

  • Utilize MMT for Profits: Understand how to use Modern Monetary Theory to score massive profits.
  • Effective Risk Management: Learn how to trade without arbitrary stops while maintaining powerful and effective risk management.
  • Recover from Bad Trades: Strategies to recover from any bad trade with a worst-case scenario of breaking even.
  • Turn Losing Trades into Profitable Ones: Techniques to convert losing trades into profitable outcomes.

Mental Game

  • Trade Stress-Free: Develop the mindset to trade with complete confidence and without stress.
  • Mental Resilience: Build the mental toughness required to handle the ups and downs of trading.

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Proven System: Learn a proprietary system that enabled Mike Norman to trade for two years without a single loss.
  • Comprehensive Training: Get access to all five days of in-depth training covering market composition, MMT, and mental game.
  • Real-World Applications: Apply the techniques learned to real-world trading scenarios for consistent profits.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise and experience of Mike Norman, a seasoned trader with a successful track record.

Course Structure

Day 1: Introduction to Market Composition

  • Fundamentals of market dynamics
  • Identifying trader positions
  • Capitalizing on market movements

Day 2: Advanced Market Composition Techniques

  • Spotting early opportunities
  • Buying and selling at optimal points
  • Practical exercises and case studies

Day 3: Understanding and Applying MMT

  • Basics of Modern Monetary Theory
  • Integrating MMT into your trading strategy
  • Real-world examples of MMT in action

Day 4: Risk Management and Recovery Strategies

  • Effective risk management without arbitrary stops
  • Techniques for recovering from bad trades
  • Converting losing trades into profitable ones

Day 5: Mastering the Mental Game

  • Developing a stress-free trading mindset
  • Building mental resilience
  • Strategies for trading with confidence


  • John Doe: “This course revolutionized my trading approach. I now trade with confidence and have seen consistent profits.”
  • Jane Smith: “Mike Norman’s system is foolproof. I’ve learned to spot opportunities early and manage risks effectively.”

Enroll Today

Transform your trading with the Mike Norman Forex Trading Course. Learn a proven system that combines Market Composition, MMT, and Mental Game to achieve consistent, stress-free profits. Enroll now and start trading like a pro!

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