Michael S. Jenkins Trading Video

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Course Overview: Michael Jenkins – June 2010 Training Video

Michael S. Jenkins’ June 2010 Trading Video is a comprehensive training resource designed for both novice and experienced traders. With a runtime of 6 to 7 hours, the video covers a wide range of trading strategies and principles. While some portions may appear basic to seasoned traders, it is essential to watch the entire video sequentially to fully grasp the advanced concepts and tips scattered throughout.

Michael S. Jenkins Trading Video

Key Points for Viewing

  • Sequential Learning: The first couple of hours focus on fundamental principles, crucial for developing instinctive trading habits.
  • Avoid Skipping: Skipping sections may result in missing critical observations and tips.
  • Consistent Viewing: Watch at least an hour at a time, noting the elapsed time to pause and resume efficiently.

Core Principles Covered

Identifying the Trend

  • Bull Trend Pattern: Look for higher bottoms and higher tops.
  • Bear Trend Pattern: Identify lower lows and lower highs.
  • Angle Analysis: Use 1×1 or 2×1 angles to determine the trend strength.
  • Time Frame Application: Apply these patterns across all time frames for consistency.

Determining Trend Start

  • Signal Reversal Bars: Detect trend reversals by identifying signal reversal bars on weekly, daily, and intraday charts.
  • Angle Shift: Notice changes from downward to upward angles, indicating a potential trend reversal.
  • Pattern Reversal: Combine angle shifts with pattern reversals for a clearer signal.

Predicting Trend End Points

  • Measured Moves: Calculate likely end points using measured moves.
  • Reversal Bar Doubling: Observe the length doubling of reversal bars.
  • Natural Ratio Lines: Utilize natural ratio lines and arcs to predict trend culmination.
  • Moving Averages: Watch for culminations above or below moving averages.
  • Weekly Reversal Bars: Use weekly chart reversal bars as indicators.
  • Grid Patterns: Recognize the end of grid patterns as potential end points.

Stop Loss Strategies

  • Max Percentage Loss: Define a maximum percentage loss to protect capital.
  • Trailing Stops: Implement trailing stops based on 2-3 bars or the length of the reversal bar.
  • Pre-Reversal Bar: Set stops at the bar before the reversal bar.
  • Moving Average Stops: Use moving averages as dynamic stop levels.

Entry and Exit Strategies

  • Signal Bar Reversals: Enter trades on signal bar reversals accompanied by higher bottoms.
  • Angle Overcoming: Ensure angles from the last top are overcome for confirmation.
  • Regaining Stair Steps: Look for the regaining of prior ‘stair steps.’
  • Swing Recovery: Use the 50% last swing recovery as an entry point.
  • Time Frame Alignment: Ensure all time frames are turning to validate entry or exit points.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the video, traders should be able to:

  • Instinctively identify and act on support and resistance levels.
  • Develop quick reaction times for trading decisions.
  • Build sound trading habits through repeated practice and adherence to proven principles.
  • Implement effective stop-loss and entry/exit strategies to maximize trading success.


Michael Jenkins’ June 2010 Training Video offers a wealth of knowledge for traders at all levels. By dedicating time to thoroughly understand and practice the techniques presented, traders can enhance their skills and improve their chances of success in the market. The structured approach to trend identification, entry and exit strategies, and risk management is designed to instill confidence and precision in trading activities.

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