Low Stress Training – Low Stress Options Trading

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Low Stress Training – Low Stress Options Trading Course

About the Course


The Low Stress Training – Low Stress Options Trading course is designed with simplicity and ease in mind. Our goal is not to make you an expert in every aspect of options trading or to teach you every single nuance of the numerous strategies out there. Frankly, we aren’t qualified to teach most of those complex strategies even if we wanted to, and we certainly don’t. That’s not the Low Stress approach.


Low Stress Training – Low Stress Options Trading

Simplicity is Key

We keep it SUPER simple. Our focus is on one primary strategy, which we use about 80% of the time. Occasionally, we may introduce a second strategy, but that’s it. This straightforward approach ensures that you can grasp the concepts quickly and start trading with confidence.

What You WILL Get…

Brokerage Selection and Account Setup

  • Choosing the Right Brokerage: We guide you through selecting a brokerage that fits your trading needs and preferences.
  • Account Setup: Step-by-step instructions to set up your account correctly, ensuring you’re ready to trade options.
  • Options Trading Authorization: Assistance with the process of getting authorized for options trading, including necessary paperwork and understanding the requirements.

Simple Trading Approach

  • Our Trading Strategy: We teach you the simple trading approach we use, focusing on practical and effective techniques.
  • No Unnecessary Complexity: The course is designed to keep things simple and straightforward, avoiding unnecessary information overload.

Stock Selection for Options Trading

  • Criteria for Stock Selection: Training on how to choose the right stocks for options trading based on our proven criteria.
  • Empowering You: Helping you develop the skills to pick stocks confidently and independently.

Implementation on Supported Platforms

  • Platform-Specific Guidance: Detailed instructions on how to implement our options strategies on the platforms we support.
  • Execution Steps: Clear, actionable steps to execute trades effectively on your chosen platform.

Charting Best Practices

  • Techniques for Stock Selection: Learn the charting methods we use to identify the best stocks for options trading.
  • Optimal Entry Points: Strategies to determine the best entry points to minimize risk and avoid future complications.

Troy’s Charting Best Practices

  • Visual Trade Management: Instructions on how to document and manage your trades visually using Troy’s charting methods.
  • Trade Monitoring Tools: Techniques and tools to keep track of your trades and make informed decisions.

Reducing Fees on Fee-Based Platforms

  • Fee Reduction Strategies: We teach you the strategy of how to get your fees reduced if you’re on our fee-based platform recommendation.
  • Maximizing Cost Efficiency: Tips and tricks to manage and minimize trading costs effectively.

Leveraging Covered Calls

  • Covered Calls Strategy: Learn how to use covered calls if you prefer to take assignment and hold the stock.
  • Pros and Cons Explained: Detailed explanations of the benefits and drawbacks of using covered calls, helping you decide if it’s the right strategy for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Brokerage Guidance: Assistance with selecting and setting up the right brokerage account.
  • Options Authorization: Help with getting authorized for options trading.
  • Simplified Trading: Learning a simple and effective trading approach.
  • Stock Selection Skills: Criteria and independence in picking stocks.
  • Platform Implementation: Detailed guidance on executing strategies on supported platforms.
  • Charting Techniques: Best practices for stock selection and entry points.
  • Visual Management: Using charting to document and manage trades.
  • Fee Management: Strategies to reduce fees on fee-based platforms.
  • Covered Calls: Understanding and leveraging covered calls, including their pros and cons.


The Low Stress Training – Low Stress Options Trading course offers a streamlined and straightforward approach to options trading. With a focus on simplicity and practical application, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to trade options effectively without the overwhelm. Join us and experience a low-stress journey into the world of options trading!


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