How To Backtest Bootcamp – Unbiased Trading

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How To Backtest Bootcamp – Unbiased Trading

Unlock Bullet-Proof Edge In Your Trading In 30 Days.

How To Backtest Bootcamp has accelerated over 59+ traders’ journeys getting started with Backtesting and trusting numbers instead of intuition.

Unlike other trading courses, it’s not just theory – you have access to 15+ Python template codes to pull data with no coding experience needed, master the A to Z of strategy testing and transform your trading perspective through data-driven insights.

Whether you have been trading for only a few months or have a decade of discretionary experience under your belt, this bootcamp is suitable for for traders at any point in their journey.

Why You Should Backtest


Backtesting allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your trading strategy / idea over time by using historical data and testing your strategy against it.Without this you are trading strategies without the confidence of statistical / historical proof of working.

Become Objective

Backtesting makes you become more objective in your trading. When you rely solely on visual intuition or “gut feelings,” it’s easy to fall into the trap of confirmation bias or other cognitive biases.Backtesting removes emotion & impulse from the equation as you rely on data-driven edge instead to guide your trading decisions.


Backtesting lets you optimize and practically identify areas for improvement in your trading strategies / ideas.Without this, it can be very challenging to see the weaknesses of a strategy until your personal account equity faces it.

Is The Bootcamp Right For You ?

  • Stuck Manually Tracking?

You spend hours after close inputting different data points while gradually falling asleep & accidentally typing another 0.But you know there must be a more efficient method of doing this.

  • Tons Of Data But No Idea How To Apply It To Your Trading?

Thousands of columns of different tickers & trades but every time you try and analyze, you’re more confused on how it can be used in your daily trading.You know data is important, but lack the knowledge to use it effectively.

  • Are You Suffering From Low Conviction In Your Strategy’s Edge?

Every time you see a trade, you hesitate to take it. When it works you know you should’ve taken it, when it doesn’t you thank yourself for not taking it.However, you know this isn’t how you should be trading your edge.

  • Stuck Writing Code To Extract Data?

Ever found yourself stuck watching countless tutorials on how to pull data from various providers or use backtesting libraries?You know its possible, & with your limited or lack of Python knowledge, you’ve come close, but haven’t got it to run.

The Blueprint

November rerun call availability: 1st Nov, 2023 – 30th Nov, 2023

Code Template Library 📚 15+ pre-built backtesting code templates on day 1 divided into strategy & data collection (a $29 API will be needed). Eliminating the need for manual tracking & creating more time for edge discovery.
Guides 📖 Step-by-step video & document guides walkthrough how the code templates function (+ how to install everything), enabling you to modify or use them as is. Eliminating the confusion of using code for trading.
Using Data🔬 In-depth content on how to analyze and apply data in various markets and frameworks. Showing you how to leverage data to improve your trading.
Video Library 📹 15+ topic videos covering data, best practices, data analysis & thinking in code. From beginner to advanced video format content.
Data Visualization 📊 Understanding how to use visualization to spot new ideas and patterns in data. Erasing data overload.
Data Visualization 📊 Understanding how to use visualization to spot new ideas and patterns in data. Erasing data overload.
Excel Guide 📝 Step-by-step guide on creating & customizing a personalized dashboard to help analyze large datasets just like mine.
1-1 Calls 📞 1-on-1 coaching calls to help you apply data to your trading. Giving contextual advice specific to you.
Bonus Algo 🤖 Bonus Ninjatrader futures algo introduces you to how algos are built. Gain Valuable Insight into the Art of Building Successful Trading Algos.
Future Additions 🗝️ Alumni retain access to additional content added to the Bootcamp . You’ll also be able to suggest extra content you would like added to the Bootcamp For Free.
Reflective Checkpoints 🏁 You’ll be able to assess your level of progress and note down your overall experience to track your advancement.

What’s Inside The Bootcamp

* All content is recorded or written, there are NO LIVE SESSIONS. This structure is fit around
the 1-1 bootcamp calls and is simply to help you structure your progress of learning (which is ultimately up to you).

15+ Python template codes to pull and backtest data on various common strategies for large caps and small caps with no coding experience needed.Code Templates Included: Pull historical charts – Pull day 2 – Pull earning data – Pull first red day – Pull Multiday (2 versions) – Pull Parabolic – Backtest Day 1 + Day 2 gappers – COT dashboard – Backtest Large cap long strategy – Backtest Parabolic tickers – Backtest Small cap long strategy and many more.

The A-to-Z process of how to backtest, from what is a backtest and how to do simple things like manual tracking to more complex parts like Monte Carlo simulations, parameter sensitivity testing, and applying data and weighing different parameters.

How to apply data into different markets with a primary focus on small caps, plus how applying data in small caps and large caps differ.You’ll also be introduced how to add data into your trading from being fully discretionary to 50% systematic to fully systematic.

How to use Excel to analyze big data sets using custom formulas to create an intuitive and fast dashboard so you can find statistics that can actually help your real-time trading.

How to visualize data yourself to spot new ideas and patterns in data you gather using the pre-made code templates. To better understand potential correlations between variables and key statistics.

1-on-1 calls with me to give you direct assistance on any particular questions you have during the bootcamp, whether this be about your own trading strategies or just about backtesting in general.A 24/7 chat to ask any small questions, whether that’s just a simple question about a topic you’re consuming at the moment or if it’s a larger question that can then be taken into a one-on-one call.


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