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Exotic Options Trading by Frans De Weert: A Comprehensive Guide

Exotic Options Trading by Frans De Weert is an essential guide for anyone looking to gain a practical understanding of exotic options and their pricing mechanisms. The book covers a wide range of exotic options, such as digital options, barrier options, cliquets, quanto options, outperformance options, and variance swaps. It simplifies complex concepts, providing a practical approach that equips readers with a thorough comprehension of each exotic option’s intricacies. Additionally, it discusses structured notes with exotic options embedded in them, like reverse convertibles and autocallables, explaining their rationale and associated risks.

Exotic Options Trading - Frans De Weert


  • Target Audience: Option practitioners, economics students, and individuals interested in exotic options and their pricing.
  • Objective: To provide a comprehensive understanding of exotic options, their risks, and the non-standard risk management required for effective hedging and pricing.
  • Importance of Risk Quantification: Highlights the erratic behavior of the Greeks in exotic options and the need for tailored hedging strategies.
  • Pricing Methodology: Emphasizes the importance of risk mapping before pricing, often using Monte Carlo simulations and standard options for replication.

Key Concepts

Conventional Options, Forwards, and Greeks

  • Basic Definitions: Overview of conventional options, forward contracts, and the Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega).
  • Profit and Loss Relationships: Explanation of Gamma and its relationship to Theta, Delta Cash, and Gamma Cash.

Exotic Options Explained

  • Chooser Options: Options that allow the holder to choose the type (call or put) at a later date.
  • Digital Options: Options that pay a fixed amount if the underlying asset reaches a certain level.
  • Barrier Options: Options that become active or inactive when the underlying asset hits a predetermined price barrier.
  • Cliquets: Options that lock in gains at regular intervals.
  • Forward Starting Options: Options that begin at a future date with pre-determined terms.
  • Ladder Options: Options that lock in profits as the underlying asset reaches specified levels.
  • Lookback Options: Options that allow the holder to choose the optimal point during the option’s life.
  • Asian Options: Options with payoffs determined by the average price of the underlying asset over a set period.
  • Quanto Options: Options with payoffs that are in a different currency than the underlying asset.
  • Composite Options: Options involving multiple underlying assets.
  • Outperformance Options: Options that provide returns based on the performance of one asset relative to another.
  • Best of and Worst of Options: Options based on the best or worst performing asset from a basket of underlying assets.
  • Variance Swaps: Instruments allowing investors to trade future realized volatility against current implied volatility.

Structured Notes with Exotic Options

Reverse Convertibles and Autocallables

  • Embedded Options: Explanation of structured notes containing exotic options.
  • Callable and Puttable Features: How these features influence risk and return.
  • Rationale and Risks: The reasoning behind these structures and the associated risks.

Risk Management and Pricing

Risk Mapping and Hedging Strategies

  • Identifying Risks: Understanding where the risks lie in exotic options and how they affect pricing and hedging strategies.
  • Hedging Vega and Gamma: Techniques for managing exposure to Vega (volatility) and Gamma (rate of change of Delta).

Pricing Techniques

  • Monte Carlo Processes: Using Monte Carlo simulations for pricing exotic options.
  • Replication with Standard Options: Replicating exotic options pricing through combinations of standard options.

Advanced Topics

Skew and Its Impact

  • Understanding Skew: Detailed explanation of skew, its causes, and its impact on exotic options.
  • Managing Skew Exposure: Strategies for handling skew exposure in trading exotic options.

Engineering Financial Structures

  • Complex Structures: Insight into engineering complex financial structures involving exotic options.
  • Real-World Applications: Practical examples of how exotic options are used in financial markets.

Contents Overview

  1. Conventional Options, Forwards, and Greeks
  2. Profit on Gamma and Relation to Theta
  3. Delta Cash and Gamma Cash
  4. Skew
  5. Simple Option Strategies
  6. Monte Carlo Processes
  7. Chooser Option
  8. Digital Options
  9. Barrier Options
  10. Forward Starting Options
  11. Ladder Options
  12. Lookback Options
  13. Cliquets
  14. Reverse Convertibles
  15. Autocallables
  16. Callable and Puttable Reverse Convertibles
  17. Asian Options
  18. Quanto Options
  19. Composite Options
  20. Outperformance Options
  21. Best of and Worst of Options
  22. Variance Swaps
  23. Dispersion
  24. Engineering Financial Structures


Exotic Options Trading by Frans De Weert demystifies the complexities of exotic options, offering a practical guide for both practitioners and students. By combining theoretical explanations with practical applications, the book provides valuable tools for understanding, pricing, and managing the risks associated with exotic options. This comprehensive approach makes it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to excel in the field of exotic options trading.

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