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Ultimate Trading Method Targets High Probability Set Ups
A Must Have Blueprint for Professional Trading Success
Simplifies the Elliott, Fibonacci and Harmonics Analysis into 1 Powerful Trading System that Generates Consistent Profits During each Cycle!
Elliott Wave Theory is known far and wide to be one of the most accurate means of identifying Market Reversals, Continuations and the ANALYSIS that has been relied on for decades for its ability to forecast LARGE market moves. The problem is that on its own it can be very complicated.
Fibonacci is the TOOL used to pinpoint Market Reversal Points and Continuation Patterns all based on mathematical ratios from a Simple Fibonacci Sequence which looks like this: 1+1 = 2; 2+ 3 = 5; 3+5 =8; 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, to infinity. The problem that traders face is knowing which ratios work best and how they are applied.
Harmonic Patterns is the third and final piece to this Blueprint! Harmonic Patterns can help in precisely pinpointing Market Reversal Points used for Trend Continuation and End of Trend Reversals. The problem that Harmonic traders have is filtering out the low probability trades.
In order to enable traders to use these highly successful proven concepts the process of identifying the “Ultimate” set-ups had to be simplified. However this “simplification” wasn’t something we just came up with overnight – it was created by chance, and developed over many years.
The Many Benefits of Trading a Method Strictly Reserved for Big Banks

Your confidence in your ability to identify profitable trades will soar because you will see the BIG picture. This is the first step in making a killing trading.

You are going to be able to create amazing income because you can spot these high profit moves before they happen.

You will be able to foresee all possible outcomes and determine in advance a good starting point for your trade as well as a follow up plan when you’re wrong.

You will use a prescribed top down approach to asset classes enabling you to go where the money is – trading only where there is a high probability of profits.

You are going to be able to look at a chart and know instantly whether or not a trade-able opportunity is on hand.

You will discover some tricks that are built right into the system that allow you to use your longer time frame to hone in on where the moneys at right now! (This takes all of 10 seconds and will pinpoint what time frame you need to be on – if you prefer longer term triggers then you will know to just sit tight and wait.)

You are going to learn to get into and out of trades mechanically. “1,2,3 I’m in 1,2,3 I’m out”. This is what’s required to make money trading; an emotionless approach to getting into and out of every trade. All this while gravitating to the big wave moves. You will be keenly aware of when the big moves are coming.

The 19 Module Course Curriculum  –  All modules are HD video recorded
Section I – Elliott Wave Series (4 Modules)
Module 1 – Elliott Wave Basics
Module 2 – Impulsive Wave Patterns
Module 3 – Corrective Wave Patterns
Module 4 – Putting It All Together
Section II – The Elliott Wave Ultimate Methodology (7 Modules)
Module 1 – Introduction and Overview
Module 2 – Trend Following Trades
Module 3 – End of Trend Trades
Module 4 – Trade Management
Module 5 – Trading Live
Module 6 – Elliott Wave and Wavy Tunnel Connection
Module 7 – Wavy Tunnel PLUS
Section III – Fibonacci Primer (2 Modules)
Module 1 – The Sequence
Module 2 – Expansion and Contraction
Section IV – Harmonic Patterns: Become a Conductor! (6 Modules)
Module 1: Fibonacci Overture
Module 2: Harmonic Chord AB=CD
Module 3: The Retracement Pattern Quartet
Module 4: The Extension Pattern Suite
Module 5: Wavy Tunnel PLUS Orchestra
Module 6: Case Study Triad
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