Michael S. Jenkins – Stock Cycles Forecast Vol I, II, III

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Stock Cycles Forecast Vol I, II, III

1. Stock Cycles Forecast Course Overview:

Michael S. Jenkins introduces a trilogy in stock market forecasting, revealing the Gann Methods of utilizing planetary movements to predict market shifts and price targets. These volumes, enriched with sophisticated techniques discovered by Jenkins himself, promise to equip you with all you’ll ever need to comprehend how W.D. Gann forecasted markets and delve into more advanced strategies.

The trilogy comprises “Stock Trading Using Planetary Time Cycles – The Gann Method” Volume I and II, and “Gann Astro Vol III – Advanced Astrology – Horoscopes and Trading Methods,” each priced at $425, $400, and $430, respectively. A discounted price of $1,000 is available for a bundled purchase of all three volumes.

2. What you will learn:

  • The inception and biblical roots of astrology.
  • The significance and application of planetary movements in stock and commodity trading.
  • W.D. Gann’s methods for market prediction and forecasting.
  • The use of planetary tools in modern software charting packages.
  • Strategies for using trendlines and square out dates.

3. What include in this package:

Stock Cycles Forecast Vol I, II, IIIStock Cycles Forecast Vol I, II, III
stock cycle forecaststock cycle forecast

3.1. Volume I: Stock Trading Using Planetary Time Cycles

“Stock Trading Using Planetary Time Cycles – The Gann Method Volume I” serves as a fundamental introduction to astrological trading, covering the origins of planetary use in the Bible and a discussion on the compliance of planetary use for trading stocks with the laws of God.

It provides insights into W.D. Gann’s methods and introduces simpler solutions through modern computer calculations.

3.2. Volume II: The Gann Method Volume 2

Volume II advances from where Volume I concludes, introducing more sophisticated methods and strategies. It provides a deeper dive into the Gann Method and further explores stock trading using planetary cycles.

3.3. Volume III: Gann Astro Volume III

Volume III diverges to cover the horoscopic method of creating and interpreting a birth horoscope and making forecasts based on that time. It reveals secret horoscope degrees that predict major market highs and lows in history and demonstrates numerous numerology applications to these horoscopes.

Additional Information about Stock Cycles Forecast Course

1. Instructor Profile: Who is Michael S. Jenkins?

Michael S. Jenkins is a seasoned private trader and the insightful publisher of the Cycles Forecast newsletter. His financial journey is rich and enlightening, providing a wealth of knowledge to his courses and writings.

  • Extensive Experience: Worked in bank trust departments as a portfolio manager, managed three mutual funds, and was among the top ten managers globally in the late 70s and early 80s.
  • Professional Trader: Engaged as a professional trader for several NYSE Specialist firms since 1984 and has been licensed as a stockbroker, commodity broker, hedge fund manager, and investment advisor.
  • Profound Forecasting: Founded his investment newsletter in 1985, accurately calling numerous prominent bull and bear market turns for over 25 years, including the 1987 crash, the 1990 break, and the exact lows of the year 2000 bear market in 2002 and 2003.
  • Media and Publication Presence: Weekly guest on CNBC for 12 years due to his notable forecasting accuracy and a frequent subject in magazine articles about trading and technical analysis, with four books and two courses on professional stock market trading to his name.
  • Educational Background: Studied economics and business administration at Washington & Lee University, earning a B.S. in Commerce in 1971, an MBA from George Mason University in 1975, and passed the Uniform CPA examination in 1976.

Jenkins doesn’t just teach the Gann Methods; he enriches them, providing a pathway for traders to navigate planetary movements and forecast market turning points and price targets with precision and expertise.

2. Is Michael S. Jenkins a scam? Inspection:

After conducting an in-depth analysis of the course content & feedback from participants and from those who use the Gann method, here is what we found:

Author’s Background and Credibility:

  • Experience: Jenkins has extensive experience in Wall Street as a professional trader and investor.
  • Roles: His career encompasses parts in bank trust departments, managing mutual funds, and working as a portfolio manager.
  • Publications: He has authored five best-selling books on professional trading and various courses.
  • Media Presence: Jenkins has been a weekly guest on CNBC for 12 years and is often featured in financial magazines and newspapers.
  • Education: He holds a B.S. in Commerce from Washington & Lee University and an MBA from George Mason University. He also passed the Uniform CPA examination in 1976.

Stock Cycles Forecast Newsletter:

  • Longevity: Jenkins has published the Stock Cycles Forecast newsletter since 1985.
  • Accuracy: The newsletter is acclaimed for pinpointing primary market turns, including the 1987 crash and the 2007 top.
  • Predictions: Jenkins has made several accurate market predictions, including the exact closing high day for 2011 and the exact week of the low of the year in 2012.

Reviews on Michael S Jenkins:

Michael S. Jenkins’ instructional approaches and expertise have garnered notable recognition and engagement within the community. For instance, a thread titled “Michael S. Jenkins teachings” on the Forex Factory page, initiated in February 2020, has sparked over 90 discussion pages.

Michael S. Jenkins reviewsMichael S. Jenkins reviews

Additionally, his book, “The Geometry of Stock Market Profits,” penned in 1996, has been well-received on Amazon, securing a commendable rating of 4.3/5. These instances underscore the intrigue and credibility enveloping Michael S. Jenkins’ methodologies.

Stock Cycles Forecast reviewStock Cycles Forecast review


Michael S. Jenkins has a strong career and is known for making accurate predictions in the market with his many books.
While his trading methods work for many, looking at different opinions and talking to people who have used them is always a good idea.
Always research and try out any available sample materials before buying an entire course or book.

2. Who is this course for?

The comprehensive trilogy by Michael S. Jenkins is a course and a journey through the intricate world of stock market forecasting using planetary movements.

  • Tailored for novice traders, offering a gentle introduction to the Gann Methods and planetary movements in forecasting.
  • A valuable resource for seasoned investors, providing deeper insights and advanced strategies in market prediction.
  • A guide for financial analysts, offering a different perspective on market dynamics and forecasting.
  • An enlightening read for enthusiasts, ensuring a thorough understanding of market forecasting through astrological and planetary methods.

3. Course Level:

Navigating through the course, learners embark on a journey from foundational principles to advanced strategies in market forecasting using planetary movements and astrological doctrines.

  • Volume I lays the foundation, introducing learners to the basic principles of astrological trading and the origins of planetary use, making it beginner-friendly.
  • Volume II takes a step further, exploring more advanced methods and strategies, catering to intermediate learners or those familiar with the initial principles.
  • Volume III sails into advanced territories, covering horoscopic methods and introducing advanced astrology aimed at advanced learners, offering insights into sophisticated horoscope degrees and numerology applications.

4. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is the basis of my forecasting method, Gann?

The Gann forecasting method, developed by W.D. Gann, is rooted in the idea that prices move in predictable cycles. It uses various tools like Gann angles and squares to identify patterns and predict where the prices might go. It’s a blend of using cost and time to foresee market movements, and it’s known for its complexity and requirement for deep understanding.

Q2: How accurate is Gann’s theory?

The accuracy of Gann’s theory is a topic of debate among traders. Some find it valuable and report success using Gann’s methods, while others are skeptical. The methods are complex and require a thorough understanding to operate effectively. The perceived accuracy depends on the market, the strategies implemented, and the trader’s expertise in Gann methods.

Q3: How do you use the Gann strategy?

Using the Gann strategy involves employing Gann angles, squares, and cycles to predict price movements in the market. Traders overlay Gann angles on price charts to indicate potential support and resistance levels. Gann Square is used to analyze the significance of price levels based on past trading ranges. Gann’s cycle theory, on the other hand, is based on the belief that markets move in predictable cycles in both price and time.

Q4: How do you calculate Gann dates?

Calculating Gann dates involves using Gann’s tools and methods like the Square of Nine, Gann angles, and Gann fans. The Square of Nine is a circular number chart that helps determine key price and time alignments, while Gann’s time cycles aim to predict when the market will see highs and lows. These tools are used to calculate potential reversal points in the markets.

Q5: What is the most accurate trading theory?

Determining the most accurate trading theory is challenging as it can depend on various factors, including the market and the trader. Different traders might find other ideas more applicable or accurate based on their trading style and the markets they trade-in. Some popular trading theories include Elliott Wave Theory, Dow Theory, and Fibonacci retracement levels, but their effectiveness can often be subjective and based on personal experience and expertise.