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Elite Swing Trader – Profitable Swing Trading Simplified Download

The SHOCKING Truth that Your Forex Broker Have Been Hiding From You!
And How You Can Turn the Tables and Make $312,634.90 of Profits!

If you’ve always wanted to make money in trading.. and live the life of your dreams earning money from home – then I have great news for you!

I am about to show you the most amazing swing trading system which made over $312,634.97 in 12 months, and will give you the limited opportunity to trade with it!

But first, let me tell you one secret which all legendary traders know,
and 99% of traders have no clue off!

Do you know why these legendary traders make millions,
while you struggle to keep your head afloat?

Because They Are NOT Day-Trading!

That’s right, they don’t day-trade. They don’t even scalp.

And why should they? Day trading only leads to:

 Bigger Spreads and Commissions

 Lower Profits

 Lower Win Rate

The only one who finds day-trading profitable.. is your Forex Broker!

Think about it for a second: if you take only 4 trades per day and trade 5 days a week.. in one year you will pay $11,200 just for spreads and commissions.. this amount is paid even before you actually made ANY profit!

And if you are scalping the picture is even worse… in only one year you will pay $28,000 just for spreads! It does not matter if you are using a Standard Account, Classic Account or ECN Account.

Either way, you are paying for it through the spreads or the commission. It’s even worse when it’s a Standard So Called No Commission Account because the spreads are much higher than the ECN account.

The Only One Making Money..
Is Your Broker!

You get the picture – Day trading can cause you serious financial damage.

In fact, some say that day-trading is a scam invented by brokers to suck your money quicker.

By charging you one tiny pip here and one tiny pip there, brokers slowly takes your money away.

Even if you don’t care about the spreads and still wish to do day-trading, it is estimated that about 80% of price movements in the lower timeframes (of day-trading and scalping) are pure noise!

Meaning that you are trying to find patterns and use indicators, in a purely random environment!

The sad thing is that most people won’t even know what happened!

They will just assume that they don’t trade well enough.. and will continue giving their money away to brokers, instead of learning the truth about day-trading and successful trading.

But still..

There are still traders who take home these amazing bonuses.. sometimes even tens of millions in a few months of work! What to these Super Traders do to prevent this financial massacre?

That’s right, they do swing trading!

Swing Trading is MUCH More Profitable!

The 95% top traders of the world don’t bother with trading on 5-minute charts or even 30-minutes.. because they know that all you’ll find there is plain noise.

Even the trends in these lower charts are short lived and not worth following.. Paying 2 pips spread to catch a 20 pips movement – is a 10% commission that you pay even before you made any profit! It’s not the same as paying 2 pips spread to catch a 2,000 pips movement.. which is much more profitable and makes much more sense.

But if you swing trade, you turn the table to your advantage!

What Swing trading means for you:

 Fewer Trades so you pay less spreads!

 Bigger trends and Bigger Profits!

 Higher win rate and greater accuracy!

 Less Stressful trading


And this is exactly what I am going to give you!

In the last 6 years, myself and a man nicknamed the ‘The Sniper’ have been working and perfecting a secret system for swing trading, that is able to generate up to 2,632 pips in one trade!

We like to call it the Elite Swing Trader System.

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