17 Secrets To Gold Forex Umar Punjabi The Alpha Trader Course

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17 Secrets To Gold Forex Umar Punjabi The Alpha Trader



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The 17 secrets to gold is the pinnacle of my trading knowledge along with what I’ve built over the last five years trading the financial markets


Anybody who is willing to go ALL IN on trading should make it a MUST to finish this course,


Most of us don’t understand that we ask for financial freedom but financial freedom is not a lollipop that comes so easily, we have to set ourselves for battle of all kinds,


This is a battle I’ve been fighting for the last five years which I’ve won and I have curated and summaries my thousands of hours spent on the battlefield for you in form of these 17 secrets which are going to help you unlock your true potential and achieve what you set yourself to achieve.


The course is divided into 3 main sections and 90 days period.


Section 1 :


This is where you will get to master the art of analysing gold, everything you need to know about gold and it’s behaviour in terms of how to analyse it, it will take you a minimum of 30 days to truly test it yourself and understand it fully and until you do, after 30 days I will do a live call with all the pariticpants and answer your doubts.


Section 2 :


This is where you unlock the secrets of executing what you’ve learnt from the analysis if you’ve made it to the second section it means you have been disciplined and patient but again you can’t unlock the next section until you truly understand this one for the next 30 days and we will have a live call together again.


Section 3 :


This is where you get to learn and see how to use accessories and supplement your trading skills to add a cherry on top. If you’ve completed this section it means you have completed the full course over a span of 90 days and you must’ve now truly understood the value of it ending this beautiful course yet again with a live call.


It took me a long long time to grasp all of this and certainly even 90 days May not be enough for you to completely absorb what I have to give so don’t take this course as a magic pill to succeed but take it as a ladder which is helping you climb faster but in the end it is you who has to still climb.



Contents :

Why I decided to trade gold after trading almost every asset for 5 years

Why you should trade gold

How to mark zones on gold

SECTION 1 : Consisting of 7 secrets which will help you analyse gold like a pro.

SECTION 2 : Consisting of 5 secrets which will make you a master of execution in gold including my special layering startegy and confirmation systems

SECTION 3 : Consisting of 5 secrets to top it off including sessions on how to trade the news, DXY, which indactor works best with gold and much more

Live calls with Umar after each Section to clarify any doubts or queries over a period of 3 months

Exclusive server in our discord community where Umar will share his gold trades + trade breakdowns and secrets used for your better understanding

Additonal info :

The course is recorded fully in English


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  1. Suresh

    not good recording but somehow jugaad kar ke you need to watch.but content is good .

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