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1 Minute Master – The Holy Grail Forex Strategy


1 Minute Master - The Holy Grail Forex Strategy





My name is Justin aka 1minutemaster. I’ve been through the ringer with trading. I started with options in 2011 and got into Forex in 2020. In the last 3 months I’ve called 120 trades. Won 63. Lost 35. And broke even on 22. I was profitable long before this, but not this easily. My winrate is 64%. As you can tell, I’ve got my own beef with the “trading world”. I’ve been down the YT rabbit hole and ran on the hamster wheel of paid courses, communities, live sessions, and 1:1 mentorships.

I’ve lost thousands in live funds and challenge accounts and paid out who even knows how much on trading education. And you know what? There was a little bit of helpful info… and then the rest sucked. I had to create from scratch and piece together what I have now. I had to claw my way to profitability. Spending late nights backtesting, writing pencil to paper in journals. Forward testing for multiple years. But I did it. And the highlight here is that I battle-tested it in front of the world with 120 trades over 3 months. And I’ve taught it to over 70+ people. And it works for them. And you know what? It’ll work for you to.

My guess is, you’ve pretty much sucked at trading thus far into your journey. You’ve had a few short lived successes where you thought something worked but then found out you just got lucky a couple times. And that’s ok, because it’s not your fault. With all these fake gurus trying to make a buck on YT, bullshit EA’s for sale, and outdated trading information – did you really expect any other outcome than to suck?

Other courses haven’t been battle tested for 12 weeks straight.

Other courses haven’t been live traded 120 times in front of dozens and sometimes hundreds of people.

Other courses fucking suck.

It’s time to make things simple dude. Not regurgitate confusing strategies like order blocks, Wykoff, Bollinger bands, supply and demand, and hope they work this time. What if I told you that you’d never need to buy another trading course? Or ever wonder around YT for answers again? How much time would that save you over the next 24 months?

Every step is included in this trading strategy. Don’t be fooled by these 90% winrate goofy fuckers out there trying to convince you of their high winrate bullshit strategy.

Have they called 120 trades live? Didn’t think so.

Have they had over 70+ people use this strategy to successfully simplify their trading? Didn’t think so.

You’re getting lied to at every turn. The forex industry is out to get you for a buck. Nothings really put through a pressure test, used on dozens of people successfully, or shown live over a good period of time.

This has done all that and more.

There’s a lot of bullshit materialistic lifestyle-marketing of keeping up with the Jones’ in this industry – But not a lot of results. Those of you who want a real legitimate strategy to make money with, create financial freedom, get funded, and learn to trade simply and repeatably – this is for you. Whatever your dream, the time is now. This is the course that’s going to unlock all that for you.  

It’s time to pull your head out of the sand and decide if you want to be one of the 99%.. or if you want to be the 1%. The choice is yours. And it’s a choice that you need to make right now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now.

This is my way of giving back to those that are awake and paying attention in the trading community.

After taking this 100% battle-tested and proven course – you’ll be able to show up to your chart and make money. Pass $500k funding challenges. And become confident aka “The Man”.

Money doesn’t have to be an issue in your life. The only reason that it is, is because you’ve been given the wrong information.

Soon you’ll be executing repeatable trades and the last couple months or years of your trading journey will just be a bad dream that you’re waking up from.

This is currently an introductory price and won’t stay this low for long. You could make more than the full cost of this course back within 24-72 hours of trading the strategy depending on your account size. That’s how powerful it is. And that’s how fucked up the forex industry has made you.

Bottom line: Get the step-by-step information that you need for the strategy and be up and trading by tomorrow.

No bullshit. No false promises. No flashy shit. Just real, war-tested information that’s crafted the best trading strategy you’ve ever seen. The truth is – there’s no way in hell you’re going to get rich over night or master trading over a weekend. Anything that’s really worth it is going to take time and dedication. Whatever you put in you’ll also get out. The issue is that up until now you’ve been putting a lot of effort into bullshit strategies. What have you gotten out? Bullshit results. It’s time to make your time and effort count for something. What I’ve put together here has helped a lot of people and it’s what I use on a daily and weekly basis.

I’m literally going to tell you what I do each day to profit consistently. There won’t be any guessing games or ‘what should I do next’ syndrome. Everything is here. And like I said – you can literally be looking for trading opportunities within a day or two.

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